Freak Out it's Hard Work
2022-03-17 12:46 The Omo Santana track HARD WORK gets another release on the Freak Out Compilation on Eivissa Recordings in Spain. Release Date is May 15, 2022
Rest In Peace, Brother
2022-02-08 14:03 I am very sad, but I have to tell you that my brother, Bernd Schäumer, also known as Disque Omo and as a founding member of Vorgruppe, died  on February 7th, 2022, in Bochum. He was 61 years old.   I love you, brother
Stock Exchange Girls out January 21
2022-01-08 11:43 During his stay in Sudan Omo Santana met the wonderful Nancy in Khartoum. After the first recordings the idea of a world wide girl group was born and soon Jennifer from Kiev (Ukraine), Laetitia from Bolzano (Italy), Shallala from Chihuahua (Mexico) and the rock voice of Valentina ...
P1/E Remix Album in Summer 2022
2022-01-08 11:35 A "P1/E - 49 Second Romance" remix album will be out in the Summer 2022. The album features remixes by Aeronautica, Bass Disposal, DIN A Testbild, Egoprisme, Fantomas, Hipless, Kimder aus Asbest. Mängelexemplar, Mono 45, P 1/E, The Tuts and more to come. The original 7inch version...
Karmakol Festival Cancelled
2021-10-14 11:43 Due to the political situation in Sudan Karmakol 2021 is cancelled and we will look forward to 2022. We hope, that the military steps back and gives the power to a civil government.
Khartoum Calling
2021-07-09 08:40 We saddle up our #camels and move the #office to #Khartoum for a few weeks to work with the #FestivalBoard and make the first preparations for the #KarmakolFestival 2021.
Omo Santana remixes James Reipas
2021-07-02 11:59 Omo Santana did a remix of "Zonneklop" by James Reipas from Helsinki based label Super Life Records. The original track is taken from the album Kiitos and the remix is called "Zonneklop (Omo Santana's Guardians Of The Sun Remix)". To be released in the near future. Stay tuned....
Khartoum Rapper on 7inch
2021-06-10 14:04 Before we go to Khartoum to work at the 2021 Karmakol festival , we rush out a Limited Edition Lathe Cut by Khartoum MCs DM, Black Scorpion & 2Zee

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