Kick The Can
2021-05-26 10:48 The Tin Can Kickers will release the track Thumb Screwer on June 16. There is also a Limited Edition Collector 10 inch available on Bandcamp.
Hipless is back with Space Monkey
2021-05-18 10:21 Hipless will release his new EP "Space Monkey" in June. Remixes By Weltklang and Omo Santana are also in the pipeline.
Pong HM from Shanghai joins Wild Youth
2021-05-18 10:17 Please welcome Pong HM aka Henry Paeckert from Shanghai in the Wild Youth Digital family. The three track single CASANOVA will be released on May 31.
DJ Zappa Collector Release
2021-05-06 17:58 DJ Zappa's first official EP will also be available as a limited edition, transparent vinyl, collector release.
DJ Zappa - Half Time DJ, Full Time Legend!
2021-04-28 13:52 Please welcome Berlin's one and only DJ Zappa on Wild Youth Digital. The 4 track release Night Flight will be out May 15.
The Tuts EP out on April 25
2021-04-09 15:09 The synth pop duo from Heliopolis / Cairo release their debut AA track single with their own updated version of Mohamed Mounir's Ezzay and Ramses Hop on April 25. The tracks are available on all major platforms.
Omo Santana / Disco Walter Collector Release
2021-04-06 10:35 A limited Editon Double A Side  Lathe Cut  "Hot Love - Disco Walter  /  Work Hard - Omo Santana" is now available in the shop and on Bandcamp
Sisyfeet Remixes out now
2021-03-23 09:58 The Hipless Track Sisyfeet got remixes by Omo Santana and Sophisticated Fantasies from Shanghai. They're now available on Bandcamp.   Let's go to Bandcamp

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