Weltklang / Mono 45upm
2020-11-23 08:34 The new EXIL-SYSTEM EP with 4 new tracks by WELTKLANG and one track by MONO 45upm is now available on all platforms   Listen to Polaroid here
Gabba Gabba Hey! is back
2020-10-02 08:20 We went down in our vaults and will bring you a remastered version of the best tracks from "Gabba Gabba Hey! The Ramones Musical". The worlds only Punk musical was produced in Berlin in 2005.   Watch a video
Weltklang / Thomas Voburka
2020-09-28 08:17 Thomas Voburka, the original voice of "49 Second Romance"  by P1/E was in the studio and comes with a handful new Minimal Wave tracks  by Weltklang.   Listen  to the TRAKTOR  here
Dependence (Hysteric Edit)
2020-09-28 08:12 Melbourne-born George Hysteric is a jack-of-all-trades and master of many genres. Now he has created a rework of Dependence and takes the song to a new level.   Watch the video
Fly Tetas
2020-08-30 08:02 Omo Santana did a Gospel Rework of Jose Chingas Classic "Fly Tetas". Listen to the full "Take Me 2 The Church" Remix in the Wild Youth YouTube Channel   Listen To Jose Chinga here
2020-08-26 08:00 Miss Lola Promilla will record her biggest stage hit "The Pussycat Song" from Connie Vannett. The three track single will be out in April 2021
Omo Santana Mounir Remixes
2020-08-26 07:57 Omo Santana did some Remixes of the new Mounir Track Zawa2 for release next year.
Karthum Rap Crew Signed
2020-08-25 07:55 Wild Youth is happy to announce a collaboration with Philly Driven Riddim, the label of British producer Philly B. The first release will be "Ana Africi,  Ana Sudani" by Karthum Rappers DM, Black Scorpion and 2Zee

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