Fly Tetas
2020-08-30 08:02 Omo Santana did a Gospel Rework of Jose Chingas Classic "Fly Tetas". Listen to the full "Take Me 2 The Church" Remix in the Wild Youth YouTube Channel   Listen To Jose Chinga here
2020-08-26 08:00 Miss Lola Promilla will record her biggest stage hit "The Pussycat Song" from Connie Vannett. The three track single will be out in April 2021
Omo Santana Mounir Remixes
2020-08-26 07:57 Omo Santana did some Remixes of the new Mounir Track Zawa2 for release next year.
Karthum Rap Crew Signed
2020-08-25 07:55 Wild Youth is happy to announce a collaboration with Philly Driven Riddim, the label of British producer Philly B. The first release will be "Ana Africi,  Ana Sudani" by Karthum Rappers DM, Black Scorpion and 2Zee
Wild Youth Is Back
2020-08-24 13:41 Wild Youth Records first operated in the early 1980s in Berlin and released a compilation called "Licht & Schatten" which was recorded live at the SO36. Also on Wild Youth / People's Records were acts like System from Berlin and the British group Blurt with mastermind Ted Milton. In 2020 Wild Youth Digital is reactivated to release some new exciting tracks.  

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